May 6, 2019

Where Are WeChat Mini-Programs Headed in 2019?

Where Are WeChat Mini-Programs Headed in 2019?

t has been more than two years since Tencent Holdings introduced its  “mini-program” feature, essentially a lightweight app that operates  within the WeChat ecosystem. Despite a rocky start, WeChat mini-programs  completely took off in 2018, with thousands of brands and retailers  jumping on the bandwagon to explore business opportunities.

A new  survey co-authored by Chinese research agency Kueclub (酷鹅研究院) and  Tencent Research & Development offers insights into how Chinese  consumers use WeChat mini-programs and what their behavior can mean to  brands and retailers.

Published at the beginning of this year,  they surveyed 8,000 WeChat mini-program users to understand their daily  habits and preferences. Nearly 70 percent of users are optimistic about  the future development of mini-programs, and over 40 percent think  mini-programs can replace stand-alone apps someday.

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