April 14, 2019

Puzzle - WeChat Mini Program by WestRoadSouth

Puzzle - WeChat Mini Program by WestRoadSouth

Puzzle is a WeChat cross border solutions provider, from basic eStore features to Sales Driven solutions. We developed this natively on WeChat for seamless cross-border payment within the WeChat eco-system.

WeChat mini-programs are "sub-applications" within the WeChat ecosystem. Mini-programs provide advanced features to users for more e-commerce interaction.

Challenges faced by e-tailers

  • Lack of sales and marketing channels to access the market in China
  • E-commerce platforms in China charge a huge fee on top of your logistics, marketing and operation cost
  • Manage exchanges between RMB and HKD
  • Chinese customers were not able to pay you, because cross border payment was not available.
  • Web-based solutions offered in China were badly build
  • Lack of transparency on architecture setup
  • Lack of access to your own data

How Puzzle could help to put everything together

  • Puzzle is a native build WeChat Mini Program
  • Able to handle cross-border payment between China and Hong Kong in RMB/HKD exchanges
  • Puzzle is a WestRoadSouth product, meaning you will get full dedicated tech team support. It is a clear differentiator from those out of the box product on the market
  • Features are customizable upon request
  • Saas with a dedicated server. It is not under a platform, that gives the tech team to have full control over the application, server and data management
  • With the data readily available. Companies are able to plan ahead on the roadmap to scale and serve more customers
  • Every brand should have their own store as a core channel


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